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Episode 62: Love Hate Relationship / La La Land


For the first segment of today's show, host Tom Breen talks with local rapper Joey A.X. and Boston-based filmmaker Sev One about their recent music video, "Love Hate Relationship," which explores Joey's ambivalent, affectionate perspective on the city in which he grew up: Elm City. Tom is joined by Lucy Gellman and Allan Appel during the second segment for a divisive review if La La Land, Damien Chazelle's new musical that stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

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Episode 35: Mike Rhodes / Money Monster

Mike Rhodes (Lucy Gellman photo)

Mike Rhodes (Lucy Gellman photo)

How to Listen

First Segment

Guest: Mike Rhodes
0:00 - 39:29 - interview with CT filmmaker Mike Rhodes

Second Segment

Guest: Lucy Gellman
41:02 - 53:07 - review of MONEY MONSTER


On this episode of Deep Focus, host Tom Breen sits down with Connecticut filmmaker Mike Rhodes to discuss freelancing, music videos, and the benefits and challenges of making movies in the Nutmeg State. During the second part of the episode, Breen also talks to WNHH Station Manager Lucy Gellman about Jodie Foster's new flick "Money Monster," starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

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Higher Learning: Children of the Underground. Directed by Mike Rhodes.

MONEY MONSTER (2016) by Jodie Foster