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Episode 61: Best Movies of 2016

Moonlight (Courtesy of TIFF)

Moonlight (Courtesy of TIFF)


Today's episode is all about the best movies of 2016. Host Tom Breen is joined by New Haven movie blogger Dan Heaton and Madison Art Cinemas owner Arnold Gorlick to go through their top 10 movies of the year. The episode also features a number of voicemails from Deep Focus guests, friends, and listeners, sharing their picks for the best movies of 2016.

Top 10 Picks


10. Fences by Denzel Washington
9. Krisha by Trey Edward Shults
8. After the Storm by Hirokazu Kore-eda
7. Green Room by Jeremy Saulnier
6. The Fits by Anna Rose Holmer
5. Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi
4. The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos
3. Moonlight by Barry Jenkins
2. Hail, Caesar! by Joel and Ethan Coen
1. O.J.: Made in America by Ezra Edelman / 13th by Ava DuVernay / Weiner by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg


10. LBJ by Rob Reiner
9. Florence Foster Jenkins by Stephen Frears
8. I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck
7. The Innocents by Anne Fontaine
6. La La Land by Damien Chazelle
5. Indignation by James Shamus
4. Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan
3. Lion by Garth Davis
2. Jackie by Pablo Larrain
1. Moonlight by Barry Jenkins


Most Puzzling Film to Find on So Many Best Of Lists
Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade

Best Film Made Unnecessary by a Vastly Better Film on the Same Story
Florence Foster Jenkins by Stephen Frears

Best Rape Romance
Elle by Paul Verhoeven

The Film That Most Made Me Want to Attack Everyone Involved with a Ball-peen Hammer
The Light Between Oceans by David Cianfrance

Best Kiwi Film with Lots of Haikus
Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi

The Best Entry in the Horror Renaissance
The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Best Documentary Whose Title Is Unnervingly Part of the Joke
Weiner by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg

Best Musical Whose Stars Neither Sing Nor Dance Well
La La Land by Damien Chazelle

The Film With the Highest Ratio of Laughter Provided to Laughter Expected
Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan

The Film Most Disserved by the Glib Characterization: "A Black, Gay Film"
Moonlight by Barry Jenkins


Allan Appel - Loving by Jeff Nichols, and The Witch by Robert Eggars
Lucy Gellman - The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook
Brian Slattery - The Witch by Robert Eggars
Betsy Kim - Eye in the Sky by Gavin Hood
Brian Meacham - Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi
Dudley Andrew - Moonlight by Barry Jenkins, and Kaili Blues by Gan Bi
Russ Martin - Captain America: Civil War