Lyric Hall

Episode 70: Strange Cinema / Beauty and the Beast


On the first segment of today’s show, host Tom Breen talks with Joe Fay and Alex Dakoulas about Strange Cinema, a new bi-monthly screening series and collaboration between Lyric Hall and Strange Ways in Westville that looks to celebrate 80s and 90s underground culture, from low-budget horror movies to patches, pins, and VHS. On the second segment, Breen and Allan Appel share some thoughts on the latest Disney re-make of Beauty and the Beast.

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Episode 2: Exploitation Flicks / Best of Enemies

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William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal in BEST OF ENEMIES

William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal in BEST OF ENEMIES

First Segment

Guests: Joe Fay, Brandon Upson
0:00 - 39:08 - interview about exploitation cinema with Lyric Hall's Joe Fay and Vinegar Syndrome's Brandon Upson

Second Segment

Guests: Allan Appel, Lucy Gellman
38:50 - 53:20 - review of BEST OF ENEMIES


Host Tom Breen talks with Joe Fay from Lyric Hall and Brandon Upson from Vinegar Syndrome about the unique pleasures of exploitation cinema. He then reviews BEST OF ENEMIES with Allan Appel and Lucy Gellman.