Episode 96: Trans Awareness Week / A Prophet

IV Staklo and Patrick Dunn

IV Staklo and Patrick Dunn


Next week is Transgender Awareness Week, an annual grassroots celebration of trans culture and concerns that takes place in different communities throughout the country, including in New Haven.

The first segment of this episode is all about a trans film series that the New Haven Pride Center has organized to help celebrate Trans Awareness Week in the Elm City. Host Tom Breen is joined in the studio by two of the series’ programmers, Patrick Dunn and IV Staklo, to talk about the movies that will be playing, the different ways that trans people and issues are represented on screen, and the current state of the New Haven’s trans rights community.

On the second segment of the show, Breen joined by the Yale Film Study Center’s Archer Neilson to talk about Un prophete, a 2009 French film by Jacques Audiard that stars Tahar Rahim as a French Arab man learning to navigate the different languages, economies, cultures, and politics of a central French prison in the early 2000s. Un prophete is playing this Sunday at the Whitney Humanities Center on Wall Street as part of the Treasures from the Yale Film Archives series.

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Episode 5: Lesbian Film Fest / Alloy Orchestra

Lesbian Film Series at Yale

Lesbian Film Series at Yale

How to Listen

First Segment

Guests: Ron Gregg, Lena Eckart-Erdheim
0:00 - 37:19 - interview with film studies professor Ron Gregg and Yale grad student Lena Eckart-Erdheim about the Lesbian Filmmaker series at Yale

Second Segment

Guest: Ken Winokur
37:20 - 59:55 - conversation with Ken Winokur about the Alloy Orchestra and the Man with the Movie Camera


Tom Breen talks with professor Ron Gregg and Yale grad student Lena Eckart-Erdheim about the new film series that focuses on 6 groundbreaking lesbian filmmakers. He then talks with Ken Winokur of the Alloy Orchestra about their score for Dziga Vertob's THE MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA.

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Trailer for BOYS DON'T CRY