Episode 75: The Lost City of Z / Magneticfest 2 / Breakfast with Curtis


On the first segment of today’s show, host Tom Breen is joined by New Haven Independent staff writer Allan Appel for a review of The Lost City of Z, a new movie from director James Gray that looks at the life of Percy Fawcett, a real-life British explorer, cartographer, and artillery officer who made several expeditions to the Brazilian Amazon in the first quarter of the 20th century before mysteriously disappearing in the heart of what the British Empire referred to as the green desert, or the green hell of the Amazon jungle.

On the second segment of the show, Breen talks with Lyric Hall’s Joe Fay and filmmaker Laura Colella about two movie-related events that will be taking place at Lyric Hall in Westville this weekend: this Saturday will see Magneticfest 2, a VHS swap meet and screening day organized by Fay, and this Sunday will see a screening of Colella’s 2012 indie comedy Breakfast with Curtis, followed by a conversation with the filmmaker and the cast.