Episode 71: 1984 National Event Day Screenings

Michael Radford's 1984 (1984)

Michael Radford's 1984 (1984)


On today's interview-only episode of the show is about an event that over 190 art house and independent movie theaters throughout the United States and Canada will be participating in next week that will see coordinated screenings, lectures, and community conversations around 1984, the 1980s big screen adaptation of English author George Orwell's legendary mid-century dystopian novel.

Host Tom Breen talks with Adam Birnbaum of the Avon Theatre in Stamford, Arnold Gorlick of Madison Art Cinemas, and Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen of the Yale Film Colloquium about why these coordinated screenings and conversations will be taking place, the resonance of 1984 and its nightmarish vision of totalitarian government today, and the role of art house and independent movie theaters in the Trump era.


Avon Theatre in Stamford: http://www.avontheatre.org/films/462/national-event-day-screening:-1984-(1984)

Madison Art Cinemas: http://madisonartcinemas.com/page/5633/1984

Yale Film Colloquium: http://www.yalefilmcultures.com/screenings/#/film-against-fascism-spring-2017/