Episode 45: Nick Palmer / Indignation

Nick Palmer (Thomas Breen photo)

Nick Palmer (Thomas Breen photo)

How to Listen

First Segment

Guest: Nick Palmer
0:00 - 35:45 - interview with CT filmmaker Nick Palmer about Parable Media, "A Bottled Rose," and FTMA

Second Segment

Guests: Allan Appel, Lucy Gellman
37:34 - 56:22 - review of the new Philip Roth-adaptation INDIGNATION


On today's episode of Deep Focus, host Tom Breen talks with CT filmmaker Nick Palmer about his work on the 2016 48 Hour Film Project New Haven, the Film and Television masters program at Sacred Heart University in Stamford, and a few of his short films to date, including "A Bottled Rose" and the promo-trailers for "To Live and Die in L.A." On the second segment of the show, Tom talks with Allan Appel and Lucy Gellman about the new Philip Roth-adaptation, Indignation, about the son of a butcher from Newark, New Jersey who struggles to adjust the goyish, repressed American heartland of Winesburg, Ohio.

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CT Filmmaker Nick Palmer's showreel