Episode 33: BODY DOUBLES / Terror on Tape

Laura Marsh (Lucy Gellman photo)

Laura Marsh (Lucy Gellman photo)

How to Listen

First Segment

Guests: Selby Nimrod, Sarah Lasley, Laura Marsh
0:00 - 40:11 - interview about BODY DOUBLES

Second Segment

Guests: David Gary, Nicholas Forster
41:52 - 55:33 - interview about the Terror on Tape symposium


On today's episode of Deep Focus, host Tom Breen talks with curator Selby Nimrod, filmmaker Sarah Lasley, and No Pop gallery co-director Laura Marsh about BODY DOUBLES, a one-night screening series of short, experimental movies about the body: the body as an idea, a physical reality, a venue for political debate and artistic exploration. For the second segment of the show, Tom talks with Yale librarian David Gary and grad student Nicholas Forster about the Terror on Tape symposium, an academic conference dedicated to VHS.

Video Links

Trailer for Eve by Sarah Lasley

The Observatory by Doreen Garner

Trailer for Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness (1986)