Episode 32: Miles Ahead / Born to Be Blue

Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead

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Guests: Allan Appel, Brian Slattery
0:00 - 40:50 - Miles Ahead and Born to Be Blue reviews
40:50 - 50:50 - favorite music documentaries and biopics


On today's episode, host Tom Breen talks with New Haven Independent staff writer Allan Appel and arts editor Brian Slattery about two new movies about legendary jazz trumpeters: Don Cheadle's MILES AHEAD, about Miles Davis, and Robert Burdreau's BORN TO BE BLUE, about Chet Baker. Tom, Allan and Brian talk through the representation of drug addiction in movies about musicians, the differences between music documentaries and music biopics, and the underlying assumption that there is some meaningful connection between the artist's biography and the art itself.

Video Links

Trailer for Miles Ahead

Trailer for Born to Be Blue