Episode 22: Life Ends at 30 / Anomalisa

ANOMALISA by Charlie Kaufman

ANOMALISA by Charlie Kaufman

How to Listen

First Segment

Guests: Michael Field, Trish Clark
0:00 - 37:32 - interview about the web series Life Ends at 30

Second Segment

Guests: Allan Appel, Lucy Gellman
37:33 - 55:59 - review of Anomalisa


On this episode, WNHH host Tom Breen talks to writer-director Michael Field and producer Trish Clark , creative team on "Life Ends at 30" webseries. During the latter half of the episode, he talks to New Haven Independent reporter and WNHH station manager Lucy Gellman about new film "Anomalisa."

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Trailer for Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman