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Call Him Sen. Relentless

Blumenthal at Cross Saturday.

Blumenthal at Cross Saturday.

February 26, 2017 - U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal promised his base at a spirited town hall meeting that he will not just vote against Donald Trump, but make some trouble.

“I will do everything I can in terms of legal action outside of the Senate as well as being relentless within the Senate to stop and to resist any infringement on the power of the courts,” he said. “We can talk about alternative facts. But nobody is above the law.”

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Murphy: I’ll Vote Yes On Some Trump Picks

Murphy at Monday night’s town hall at Daniels School.

Murphy at Monday night’s town hall at Daniels School.

December 20, 2016 - Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy lifted two fingers to count out the tests he’ll be using when Congress is asked to vote on each of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees.

“Number one, you can’t be a radical,” he said. “Number two, you should have some level of experience in the field in which you’re going to be leading.”

Then Murphy gave a New Haven audience a head’s up: “I know that I’m going to vote for some of his nominees who I disagree with, because I think the president has the right to put people around him who are going to carry out government according to his wishes. But there is a line, and already many of these nominees have crossed that line.”

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