After Fire, Jewish Community Asks: Where’s The Hub?

Ravski at Jewish Federation town hall on Wednesday night.

Ravski at Jewish Federation town hall on Wednesday night.

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - When New Haven native Jeffrey Levinson was a senior in college in 1991, he and his sister scraped together $1,800 to help relocate the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven (JCC) from downtown New haven to 360 Amity Rd. in Woodbridge.

“We believed in the people who were leading that effort to build a new JCC,” said Levinson, who now lives in Milford. “They had this sense that they carried from their parents, and from Legion Avenue, that the New Haven Jewish community had a culture that needed to be celebrated and constantly reinvigorated.”

Twenty-five years later, a fire that rendered the center uninhabitable for at least a year has put the future of the center and the community it serves at a critical juncture. Levinson called on local Jewish leaders to restore the JCC to its status as a true cultural and historical center “that’s alive, and that’s living. Give me a reason to get in the car and drive a half hour to come here.”

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Abandon All Hope? Not Just Yet

WNHH Pundit Panel

WNHH Pundit Panel

December 7, 2016  - Amid all the talk about impending dangers from the incoming regime in Washington, Karen DuBois-Walton offered a glimmer of hope Tuesday night: Perhaps, just perhaps, there is opportunity in uncertainty?

DuBois-Walton, who runs New Haven’s housing authority, was one of three expert speakers at a “community conversation” on what New Haven should expect from, and how it should respond to, President-Elect Donald Trump’s recent choices to run federal departments. DuBois-Walton specifically addressed the selection of neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s appointment to become the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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