Documentary Fest Puts Elm City On Screen

Thursday, June 1, 2017  - The New Haven Documentary Film Festival will be celebrating its four-year anniversary this June with a slate of nonfiction films that feature the Elm City and its residents both in front of and behind the movie camera.

“If I were to identify the theme of this year’s festival,” NHDocs co-founder and co-director Charles Musser said on a recent episode of WNHH’S Deep Focus, “I would say that the theme is New Haven. We have a wide range of films about people who work in New Haven, about communities in New Haven, about incidents in New Haven.”

For Musser, who teaches documentary film at Yale University and is an experienced filmmaker in his own right, the focus on New Haven not only recognizes people in this city who have not had a chance to see themselves or their neighbors on screen before; it also offers an opportunity for New Haven audiences to take a step back and better understand the great diversity of people, communities, challenges, and achievements that make up this city of 130,000 residents.

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