Dwight Signs Off On Eminent Domain

Chair Florita Gillespie: Tonight we’re voting for this.

Chair Florita Gillespie: Tonight we’re voting for this.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - The city’s Redevelopment Agency won hard-earned community support on Tuesday night for its bid to use eminent domain to hold slumlords accountable in the Dwight neighborhood.

City officials offered one final concession to the neighborhood: The city won’t follow through with seizing a specific rundown property If the community vetoes the idea.

Such was the outcome of the latest meeting of the Dwight Community Management Team (DCMT) on Tuesday night, when over 30 neighbors gathered in the cafeteria of the Amistad Academy Middle School on Edgewood Avenue to discuss new developments in the neighborhood. On the table was whether to approve a Chapel/Dwight/Whalley Redevelopment and Renewal Plan proposed by the city’s Redevelopment Agency. The agency has tried for months to win the team’s approval, stop one in a multi-step process of making the plan a realty.

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